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Advancing Healthcare Research: The Impact of Clinical Data Management in an Era of Digital Transformation

Clinical Data Management (CDM) is crucial in modern healthcare research, especially in clinical trials. It focuses on overseeing the collection, accuracy, timeliness, and error-free nature of data from various sources within clinical trials. The goal of CDM is to collect high-quality data for analysis and...

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30 January
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Towards Privacy-Centric Data Collection: Studying Google and Microsoft in Eliminating Third-Party Cookies

The Need for Relevant and Secure Methods Data analytics and management are evolving, mirroring the shift from reliance on third-party cookies to the use of first-party data. Specifically, as third-party cookies are slowly phased out, it becomes crucial for marketers and business analysts to rethink...

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01 December
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Enhancing Analytical Skills: Is SAS Viya 4.0 the Future of Next-Generation Business Intelligence?

The dynamic data intelligence platform, SAS Viya 4.0, is set to transform traditional SAS offerings. It addresses challenges faced by older versions such as lack of support, updates, and Cloud consolidation. SAS Viya 4.0 enhances scalability, speed, and portability.   Transitioning to Stay Competitive With the popular SAS...

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26 October
artificial intelligence across the life sciences ecosystem
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Leading Applications Of Artificial Intelligence Across The Life Sciences Ecosystem

Transforming the Life Sciences Industry: The Power of AI   AI and Intelligent Automation (IA) have made many parts of Life Sciences better, like speeding up processes, making them simpler, and reducing costs. They also help experts manage large data sets, identify patterns, and make predictions. These...

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28 September