Enhancing Analytical Skills: Is SAS Viya 4.0 the Future of Next-Generation Business Intelligence?

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The dynamic data intelligence platform, SAS Viya 4.0, is set to transform traditional SAS offerings. It addresses challenges faced by older versions such as lack of support, updates, and Cloud consolidation. SAS Viya 4.0 enhances scalability, speed, and portability.


Transitioning to Stay Competitive

With the popular SAS 9.x model set to become unsupported soon, it’s crucial for digital firms to transition to SAS Viya 4.0. As SAS continues to heavily invest in Viya 4.0, it appears to be the platform of the future. Therefore, it’s essential for companies to migrate their operations to SAS Viya 4.0 to remain competitive in the industry.


Comparing the Key Features of SAS Viya 4.0

The following table highlights the core differentiators of SAS Viya 4.0:


Cloud-native ArchitectureDesigned to be deployed in the Cloud, maximizing scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency
Open-source IntegrationIntegration with various open-source technologies like Python and R, thus leveraging robust analytics solutions
Optimized Performance and ScalabilitySeamlessly analyzing large datasets and building sophisticated and complex AI models promptly


Table 1: Key Features of SAS Viya 4.0


Moving to Sustainable Cloud

SAS Viya 4.0 reflects the shift from on-premises infrastructure to the Cloud Platform. It also adapts to the evolution from monolithic architectures to more flexible microservices architecture. SAS Viya 4.0 meets the modern business needs that require quick and scalable application upgrades.


SAS Viya 4.0 is characterized by its cross-cloud platform technology. Powered by Kubernetes, Viya 4.0 improves the portability of the product across different clouds. Kubernetes also protects the proprietary cloud structure with an abstraction layer. SAS Viya 4.0 also facilitates configuration and deployment of solutions, and provides a customized solution on Azure.


Exploring the Key Aspects of SAS Viya 4.0

The section below highlights the main features of SAS Viya 4.0:

  • A powerful data visualization tool is integrated for quick creation and sharing of interactive reports and dashboards.
  • SAS Model Manager is incorporated to help manage and deploy AI models efficiently.
  • SAS Event Stream Processing is offered to enable advanced, real-time analytics on streaming data.
  • A variety of resources are provided, including migration guides, training courses, and support services.
  • Updates are automatic and regular, with streamlined upgrades and thorough bug fixes, all based on Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).


The Value For Users

Overall, the emergence of the promising SAS Viya 4.0 offers a wide spectrum of benefits to various IT and business personnel, redefining business intelligence through holistic and collaborative orientations. The following table illustrates the immense potential of SAS Viya 4.0 for diverse individuals:


Developer/System AdministratorSimplifying roles and locating synergies between multiple providers like SAS and Microsoft
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)Easy integration of relevant customer data, resulting in comprehensive assessments and strong CRM dynamics
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)Ensuring quick and maximized Return-on-Investments (ROIs), based on widespread system integration and shorter process cycles, therefore breeding faster data integration, accurate forecasting and robust financial reporting
Expert/Advanced UserOptimized accessibility and seamless synthesis of precise measures and numbers in other applications with the announced futuristic API


Table 2: Expected Impacts of SAS Viya 4.0 on Various Operators and End-users 


Future Prospects for SAS


SAS Viya 4.0 is set to introduce a new pricing structure. It will group various modules into bundles, with pricing based on the type and number of users for each bundle. This approach aims to provide a predictable and transparent pricing model for everyone. As the industry looks forward to more innovative versions and analytical tools, SAS Viya 4.0 is expected to continue enhancing delivery systems for businesses, accommodating their growth and evolution.


Elevate Your Business with Element

Element’s comprehensive service portfolio enables businesses to smoothly transition to the latest SAS Viya 4.0 Platform, maximizing their valuable investments in SAS. Supported by a robust proprietary migration framework, Element ensures a smooth migration process that meets a variety of technological and operational needs, including deployment, customization, sizing, capacity planning, and maintenance support.


Element, a seasoned SAS Silver Partner and recognized SAS Implementation Partner, has a track record of successfully executing over 150 complex installations across SAS 9.4, SAS 3.5, and SAS Viya 4. This is made possible by a dynamic team of more than 50 highly skilled professionals.


Element showcases unparalleled expertise in migrating code, configurations, and data to SAS Viya 4.0. It also provides additional services such as post-migration validation, multi-node deployment, and SAS deployment in Massively Parallel Processing (MPP), thereby maximizing the use of Cloud Analytic Services (CAS). With exceptional strategic design capabilities, an innovative framework, and state-of-the-art customization, Element is your go-to solution for a seamless transition to the latest SAS Platform.



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