Business Analytics / Business Intelligence

The notion of the “World is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman has come to pass. Data is exploding and new data is churned every second. Business will come to a grinding halt if enterpirses are unable to process data and take informed decisions in real-time. Element assists organizations to leverage existing data through the designing, construction and maintenance of a powerful BI solution that delivers you insights and aids in strategic planning in competitive markets.
We facilitate your business with full compliance, regulatory federal/government guidelines; and provide you with world-class on-the-fly reporting for every aspect of your business.
Element offers Big Data Services, Data Integration Services, BI Dashboarding & Reporting, SAS Assessment, Migration and Upgradation under its Business Analytics practice.


Business Value

  • SAS Visual analytics implementation partner
  • Domain centric skilled resources
  • Tools & Frameworks, accelerators
  • Flexible engagement model including managed services


Business Analytical Services

  • Forecasting & Predictive Analysis
  • Pattern Analysis and Neural Network Analysis
  • Regression Analysis and Association Rule Testing Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis and Simulation
  • Data Visualization and Spatial Visualization
  • Tools – R, SAS



  • Support real-time creation of dynamic, interactive presentations and reports
  • Allow end-users to interact with data, often on mobile devices
  • Hold data in-memory, where it is accessible to multiple users
  • Allow users to share and collaborate securely
  • Ability to visualize and explore data in database as well as in-memory
  • Governance dashboard that displays user activity and data lineage
  • Working with Tools like SAS


BI Dashboarding
BI Dashboards provide deeper insights of your business data by visually exploring and analyzing, creating insightful reports, all in a unified interface. A BI dashboard provides this privilege to do it faster and in the best possible manner.
Decision makers can be hugely benefitted in making quick, powerful and dynamic analysis of the data and generate on-the-fly reports based on the data. Business users can be empowered by the depiction of newer metrics and KPIs of their organizations and visualize numbers, metrics through graphs-charts, scorecards all on a single screen.
Our specialists utilize best of breed technologies and tools to bring to you all that you need for the improvement of your business processes and performance. We offer –

  • Self-explanatory interactive reports with a KPI snapshot
  • Dashboards for grouping discrete reports
  • Customization services for pre-existing dashboards and reports
  • BI system enhancement services
  • 360° BI evaluation: A comprehensive audit of and recommendations for the health, stability, security and efficiency of your BI environment, based on best practices and an exhaustive analysis of your BI platform, technology, substance and licenses

Element enables you with –

  • Access to insights into KPIs from an individual level up to an enterprise level
  • Actionable insights that turn information into opportunities
  • Gaining access to vital information that improves organizational process and performance

Enterprise Reporting
Element offers the following –

  • Design and deploy a reporting architecture
  • Analyze metadata and key reporting requirements to develop a robust semantic reporting layer
  • Reporting solutions across industry leading reporting suites (CRM, ERP and Financial, SOA)
  • Analytic Dashboards, Performance Management Scorecards, Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Report rationalization and platform consolidation
  • Report Model (ad-hoc) development
  • OLAP Analysis with smart cubes design, development, and modeling
  • Extracting, Transformation, and Loading (ETL)
  • Report Server Architecture design – From single server to full scale-out environments


Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analysis is the power to predict and forecast future occurrences, behavior and trends based on scientific analysis of historical and present data. It follows the method of collecting various organizational assets, logs, behavior and demographics, thereby deriving a predictive model.
Element uses predictive analytics to analyze data, such as traffic through a freeway interchange or visitors to a website, and identify key parameters that would help improve traffic flow or eliminate recurring accidents. The forecasts are usually expressed in terms of the percentage or odds for or against a specific outcome.
Some examples include:

  • Detection of fraudulent activities
  • Improving organizational efficiency
  • Eliminating risk
  • Understanding customer behavior in specific industry verticals

Our predictive analytics solution helps automate decision logic or ruleset that defines the steps in order that will be applied in making a given customer decision. Automating decisions lead to greater speed and consistency, it induces better decision-making in a faster and consistent way. Businesses that automate customer decisions using rules-based systems can gain added benefits from predictive analytics. Predictive analytics augments rules by:

  • Improving the precision of customer segmentation, leading to more targeted actions
  • Vastly simplifying rulesets, replacing dozens or even hundreds of rules
  • Bringing empirical data analysis to business decisions, producing actions that are literally calculated to succeed.

By mining your data, Element’s information technology scientists can assess the predictive power of data, depending on its quality and coverage. Your historical data can be used to unlock the potential for more revenue, lower risk and higher profit margins. Whenever data patterns hidden in tables, rows and columns are converted into predictive models, the resulting decisions are more certain.
Our offerings in BI include Business Intelligence Assessment and Strategy, Flexible Technology Solutions and Delivery Model. We work with all leading commercial and Open Source Business Intelligence Tools.




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