Our Commitment

Business Aligned

Element’s industry expertise and operational excellence aligns technologies, products and processes to deliver business value

Solution Driven

Element fosters close working relationships and builds solutions for enterprises to help them achieve business objectives

Domain Centered

Being at the core of businesses, Element positions itself to solve problems by leveraging our client experiences and competencies

Technology Focused

Element's solutions and services are readily positioned to cater to the ever-evolving 'Technology Vision' of enterprises

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Element offers specialized expertise in Clinical Services, Enterprise Application Risk & Security, SAS Technology and IT Consulting Services to Lifesciences, Financial Services, Retail and Convergent Media industry sector. Element brings to bear industry aligned domain expertise along with high performance scalable business technology solutions to generate increased revenue and better ROI.

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Element's services enable organizations to be nimble and yet render the tenacity to address evolving IT challenges. We work closely with our clients to understand their business challenges and leverage right technologies coupled with solid IT competencies to build solutions that last the test of time.

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At Element, we leverage technologies to help you operate your business efficiently. Our industry-aligned specializations puts us in a great position to leverage our expertise in areas that demand customer centricity and in markets that assume critical functioning. We offer comprehensive technology solutions in Life Sciences, Financial Services, Retail and Convergent Media industry sector.

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Years of Analytics Experience

Element helps improve clients’ businesses by building innovative solutions and adhering to agile development methodologies


Our Success Stories

Clients turn to Element for the high caliber engineering talent we bring to every project; we deliver result-driven solutions across industries & services


Countries Covered

Element’s technology capabilities caters to diverse industry verticals. Our offerings are flexible and sustainable to serve to a global customer base.


Managed Services Support

Our services allow organizations to maintain a healthy and stable IT environment, and focus on activities that help towards revenue growth.

Our Core Competency

SAS Implementation Partner

Being a SAS implementation partner enables us to add value to our client engagements by investing in proactive proof-of-concept development and mitigating the technology risks in solution implementation.

  • SAS Visual Analytics Implementation Partner


Element’s eLabs is an innovation center that renders business insights into the latest technologies and capabilities through our Assess, Incubate, Build and Deliver methodology. Our experts ‘Assess’ each problem, ‘Incubate’ best technologies, ‘Build’ scalable solutions and ‘Deliver’ key business outcomes.

We have established Centers of Excellence (CoE) in the following technology domains:

  • SAS Center of Excellence
  • Advanced Technology Incubation Lab – Open source, Data Management and IoT
  • Frameworks and Platforms

Guiding Principles

“Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy.” – Howard Stevenson
While Element’s culture is unique and embraces diversity, there are a few guiding principles that transform our culture into one that fosters customer centricity and drives profits.
At Element, our guiding principles are:


Empower employees to deliver high performance


Excite all stakeholders in our ecosystem


Collaborate with clients and partners to deliver value


Enable employee aspirations and foster growth

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Join a culture that breeds success!
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Our Clients

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The Industry Leader in  Business Consulting Services


A creative IT strategy is necessary for the modern digital economy and dynamic corporate environment that revolves around adaptability, velocity, and efficiency. We provide business-aligned solutions, system integration, and application management services & development. Our beliefs, based on the three Ps of “People, Product, and Processes,” help firms embrace and adopt new technology.


The financial sector is perhaps more sensitive to market ups and downs than any other sector in the modern economy since it goes through dynamic changes. In addition, variable macroeconomic conditions, including persistently high levels of debt in the consumer and business sectors and rising regulatory burdens, significantly influence. As a result, banks must spend a significant portion of their budgets on system and process development, compliance, and attainment to meet ever-increasing regulatory obligations.


Credit risk management is likewise coming under regulatory scrutiny. The global financial crisis is to be thanked! Along with money laundering concerns, which have been a difficult pill for the banks to chew, managing credit risk has been one of the major problems banks have been working to tackle for a while. The growth of all these advancements might be attributed to how difficult it has gotten to satisfy the client.


When the volume, disparity, and complexity of information, as well as existing requirements, continue to rise, banks rely on intelligent data-analytics solutions & business management consultants that can aid them in making quick, efficient judgments.


Services provided by business development consultancy


Customer and Product Profitability Dashboard


Banks are mostly commercial entities; therefore, even if they serve specific markets or offer certain products as a corporate social responsibility duty, they should be cognizant of the associated costs. However, the reasons for calculating profitability may change the depth of the profitability measurements. For example, to segment consumers and offer more lucrative connections more attention, which usually results in better service, assessing the profitability of a customer relationship is normally necessary. 


  • Customers’ capacity to make a profit across all product categories, items, locations, and income levels
  • Key data, such as loan funded amount, balance, revolving line, usage, etc., are used to determine product distribution and profitability across segments, geographical areas, and other factors.
  • Performance of bank branches across all product and client sectors



Capital Exposure and Risk Dashboard


Since financial decisions are based on the cost to the company of retaining the risk, risk management is a crucial subject. Moreover, given that banks’ primary business operations include risk, this problem is particularly significant.


Banks must have reliable methods for determining the right amount of capital required to absorb unforeseen losses resulting from their exposure to the market, credit, and operational risk to analyze and manage risks. Additionally, comparing bank revenues from various business ventures to the capital required to cover the risks involved is important.


  • Exposure, economic capital, and anticipated loss at the holding company level as well as across subsidiaries and business lines
  • Return distributions (including RAROC) and exposure across several dimensions, such as states, industries, business/rating categories, and geographies
  • Information on a bank’s portfolio’s hot spots, or granular vulnerability, is provided.
  • Over time, the banks’ portfolio of counterparties became more concentrated.


Loan Production Dashboard


Recognize how commercial and retail applications are used and gauge volume across dimensions. As well as analyzing and predicting volume over time, track the smallest application specifics.


  • Mortgage volume by geography, branch, product, and employee 
  • Status, amount, approval, and pull-through rates for applications are tracked, as well as the duration of the underwriting process.
  • Regional mortgage application disposition and detailed tracking of each applicant
  • Production and distribution of auto loans by loan length, loan product, and loan source


Marketing Dashboard 


Consumer distribution across market categories, campaign performance, produced leads, and high-level financial impact are outlined.


  • Distribution of clients and goods across distinct demographic market segments: Market segmentation 
  • Metrics for gauging the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for certain products, areas, and campaign types
  • Effects of campaigns’ spending according to target channels and campaign types
  • Among diverse demographic market sectors, campaign leads were created.

Operating Dashboard


Overview and detail of the accounts on the balance sheet, the income statements, and the costs


  • Comparisons of the balance sheets’ income, spending, and equity accounts 
  • Comparing the balances of income and expenses
  • Accounting for expenses according to time and place
  • Regions, account types, and spread of liability accounts


At Element Technologies, we pinpoint and promote crucial elements that support an organization’s success & provide business development consultancy. We have established a principle that values diversity and offers tremendous value because of our distinctive industrial footprint. With the help of our technology-neutral approach, clients can quickly adjust to shifting market conditions and receive solutions that provide high performance and increase revenues.


We continually give our staff more power by encouraging them to create, explore new possibilities, and develop game-changing concepts. As a result, our staff now have a great chance to advance within the company and support the success of our clients.


To have a long-term influence on the sectors we serve, our Advanced Technology Incubation Lab provides the groundwork for the fusion of future technology, business consulting services and business strategies. Our lab has aided in developing industry-specific delivery technologies, platforms, and frameworks through a variety of mentor initiatives, in-depth training, and industry work sessions.


With an internationally renowned SAS proficiency and extensive domain technical knowledge, Element Technologies has successfully installed SAS products and solutions across various industrial verticals. We turn obstacles into opportunities to address crucial business activities by utilizing our adaptable engagement and delivery models, including established procedures and cutting-edge technology.