Business expectations are running high as organizations are challenged with intense market competition, plummeting profit margins and are dealing with complex service delivery models. Businesses require a perceivable, well-defined strategy to plan their future business initiatives and functions.


Element’s cloud services benefit organizations through transformation initiatives right from the word go. Along with providing result-driven cloud services, we add value by deploying people and help organizations go through process transformations. We engage by providing full-length road map definition and help organizations to achieve business transformation.
Cloud benefits enterprises by bringing easy access to enterprise-level resources and IT infrastructure at reduced costs. It enables people to pay-as-they use, and ensures there are no wasted resources. Businesses often have the advantage to access what they require and pay for the services procured, be it with hardware, network or support.
Element collaborates with an ecosystem of leading cloud/product vendors including AWS, Microsoft, SAP and SAS. We leverage the cloud provider of your choice to transform your business.


Ecosystem Collaboration
Element has strategic partnerships & collaborations with leading players in the cloud ecosystem. Some of these include:-

  • Alliances & Partnerships: SAS & Microsoft
  • IaaS: Amazon Web Services
  • PaaS: Microsoft Azure


Business Value

  • Faster implementation and time to value
  • Anywhere access to applications and content
  • Rapid scalability to meet demand
  • Higher utilization of infrastructure investments
  • Lower infrastructure, energy and facility costs
  • Greater IT staff productivity and across organization
  • Enhanced security and protection of information assets


Our Service Offerings:

  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Cloud Application Migration Services
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Cloud Integration Services
  • Public-Private Cloud Applications Management
  • Cloud Security



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