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Beyond Images: Exploring the Capabilities of AI leveraging Computer Vision & Machine learning in Industrial Automation

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Artificial intelligence (AI) advancements have led to significant breakthroughs in computer vision and AI analytics, expanding their applications beyond images. AI-powered computer vision systems are revolutionizing industrial automation by extracting insights from visual data.   This write-up explores the applications of computer vision in various fields, offering...

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Embracing the Future: Digital Twins in the Metaverse

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Introduction Large corporations are staying ahead of the curve by using cutting edge technology to enhance their operations efficiencies. Today digital twins and metaverse are helping companies to design jet engines, improving performance of wind turbines, improve efficiency in mining activities, optimize production schedules, identify bottle-necks,...

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life science pharmaceuticals

What is the role of a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry?

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The life science pharmaceuticals industry is a complex and highly regulated sector that encompasses all aspects of drug discovery, development, production, and distribution. This industry is involved in the research, development, and manufacture of prescription drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) medications and the sale and distribution...

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