Advanced Technology Incubation Lab

There have been deliberate measures adopted by organizations to build relevant frameworks and methodologies that act as a benchmark for their endeavors. To refrain from being traditional and cut off from stale, non-productive methods, enterprises have to always re-evaluate themselves and churn out investments to differentiate in the marketplace.
At Element, we firmly believe in innovating from within, and our Advanced Technology Innovation Lab (ATIL) is an initiative towards the same. Advanced Technology Incubation Lab at Element is a quasi-start up incubator that helps technology experts and entrepreneurs, internal and external to Element’s ecosystem to launch and build solutions frameworks and product services.


Element’s ATIL serves as the hub for technology visionaries to incubate forward-looking technologies aligned with our strategic business focus in life sciences, retail, financial services and convergent media sector.


In our ATIL, members receive coaching, connections and funding to foster their development through services and program. This also serves as a platform that transforms innovative pursuits and ideas into valuable business propositions.





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