Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering continues to be a bitter pill for the financial services industry. Despite stringent measures and high flowing investments, enterprises are fighting a losing battle to combat its expanding menace. With the rapidly increasing risk and ever-evolving government regulations, enterprises are turning to performing risk-based diagnoses on customer profiles. They need to adopt advanced strategies and perform risk-based analysis and profiling on customer transactions, thereby monitoring and determining illicit activities.


Element’s approach to combat fraud involves a thorough risk-based analysis that helps financial institutions to track and identify patterns and anomalies that carry potential risk. Our approach lets enterprises manage alerts and screen test scenarios and comply with industry regulations. We leverage competitive technologies to bring you intuitive visualizations that depict the transaction flow between the focal entity and other entities of interest.


Money laundering and counterterrorist financing enables fraudsters/criminals to continue financial abuse and perform illicit activities. This has resulted in more anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing regulations to christen. With the rise in regulations, enterprises must not only involve in timely and accurate filing of SARs but should also involve in analyzing and prioritizing risks to gain the confidence of regulatory authorities. Element’s technology capability enables financial institutions to easily track suspicious activities, collect evidence of the decision process and file pre-populated reports with appropriate authorities.


Business Value


  • Seamless detection of fraud and other illicit activities
  • Easy filing and reporting capabilities
  • Drive quick and accurate decision-making
  • Reduce IT support, foster collaboration by centralized managing of alerts


We design and build Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering solution for Financial Services companies to enable them to perform:


  • Fraud Detection and Analysis
  • Fraudulent Claims Analysis
  • Underwriting Fraud Detection and Analysis
  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Suspicious Activity Monitoring and Reporting/li>
  • Investigation and Alert Management



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