Organizations which operate with fragmented teams often have to endure siloed functioning. In a typical case of developing a software, it becomes severely tedious to manage work within development, testing and operation teams. With each team having little or negligible knowledge over the other’s, there arises more chances of repetitive escalations back and forth and finger pointing.
DevOps offers a modular and focused approach that helps organizations to look into each pieces of their operations and development processes holistically. By shifting to DevOps, organizations can benefit from, accelerated delivery, build proper communication and collaboration and perform continual improvements to realize business value. With Element DevOps, organizations can establish teams that can collaborate and cross-function with each other seamlessly. We help organizations to devote strategic focus on their entire Software Development Lifecycle, and be able to supervise consolidated business operations.
Our approach to DevOps encompasses the use of People, Process and Technology. It eliminates manual intervention and leverages technology innovation that accelerates DevOps adoption and improves application robustness. We deploy best practices and implement flexible engagement and delivery models within organizations to help build a sustainable DevOps team. Our services ensure continuous assessment and adoption of the latest tools and platforms. We benefit you with sustainable competitive advantage by enabling continuous improvement in dynamic environments.

Business Value

  • Time to market advantage
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Agile Methodology
  • Continuous Improvement- Increased quality and reliability of service delivery


Client Challenges:

  • Non-responsive, legacy tools and processes
  • Disparate functioning of enterprise teams
  • Identifying appropriate tools that suit application lifecycle
  • Increased work redundancy


Our Service Offerings:

  • Charting a DevOps blueprint
  • Identifying and Assessing whether organizations are DevOps ready
  • DevOps consultation



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