SAS Visual Analytics

Over the past years, even with automated analytical methods at practice, to analyze complex situations required early stage human intervention. Human intelligence was more involved in providing pre-requisites, inputs and drawing conclusions on data. With the emergence of Visual Analytics, human-information discourse has become much effective to arrive at analytical reasoning and to take business decisions, insightfully with much ease.


SAS is one of the early adopters of Visual Analytics and is the leader in providing data exploration techniques and intuitive interactive reporting and collaborative capabilities.


Element is a SAS Silver Partner and provides end to end SAS solutions and services ranging from procuring SAS Software, license renewals, upgrades and add-ons. We provide transparent advice recommending the appropriate SAS Software solutions for your business needs.


SAS Visual Analytics gives your organization incredibly fast access to your data. In-memory processing capability enables organization to generate reports or querying almost instantly.


SAS Visual analytics can create visually captivating reports with hierarchies for drilling down as well as incorporating statistical analysis and forecasting.


Business Value


  • Scalable, sophisticated, yet easy to use, analytics across the enterprise
  • In-memory analytics
  • Data driven Ad hoc exploration and analytic visualizations
  • Enable seamless decision-making
  • Agility: Adapt and react faster
  • Integration with MS apps
  • Feature rich mobile apps


SAS Visual Analytics Advantage


  • Visually explore data and create sophisticated analytical views
  • Answer complex questions and identify opportunities or issues faster
  • Bring data and analytics to a broader user community
  • Liberate IT




  • A scalable, in-memory solution for visually exploring data on commodity hardware
  • More approachable analytics
  • In-memory technology that provides larger volumes of analytic computations and guided analysis
  • Ability to perform descriptive analytics in memory without writing a SQL code


Comprehensive Data Visualization


  • Irrespective of your organization size– or your data – you can visually explore all relevant data quickly and easily
  • View multiple options, uncover hidden opportunities, identify key relationships and drive precise decisions to achieve success faster than ever before
  • Self-service, ad hoc visual data discovery and exploration put lightning fast insights within everyone’s reach


Easy Analytics


  • Get access to powerful analytics at your fingertips, whether you’re a business user with limited technical skills, a statistician or a data scientist
  • Regardless of analytic background, users can understand and benefit from complex data. Gain access to sophisticated analytics embedded, with on-the-fly forecasting, auto-charting features, “what does it mean” balloons, and drag-and-drop capabilities


Robust Reporting


  • Quickly design reports that are attractive, interactive and meaningful
  • Distribute the reports to anyone, anywhere via the Web or mobile devices
  • Create reports that enable recipients to slice and dice the information however they need to, using filters and drill-through capabilities to explore the data on their own


Mobile Business Intelligence


  • Put an end to “I’ll get back to you on that” with insights that are immediately available – wherever you may be
  • Mobile business intelligence capabilities enable executives and decision makers to easily access and explore dashboards and reports from their mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and Android), anytime and anywhere
  • With mobile tethering, explore reports even when there’s no Internet connectivity



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