Convergent Media

While technological change is a constant feature of modern economies, the changes associated with convergence, digitalization and networking have formed the basis for a new ‘techno-economic paradigm. The rise of a new techno-economic paradigm is invariably disruptive, as it challenges established business models, industry structures, organizational frameworks and public policy settings. And the four dimensions of convergence – technological, industrial, textual and social are constantly evolving which has proven to be the biggest challenge for firms operating under the Convergent Media sector.


The Convergent Media industry sector while seemingly is one of the key beneficiaries of the digitalization phenomenon of ICT and media; it has also been constantly challenged by accelerated innovation and ever evolving disruptive technologies.


Along with that, Social media is the new business operator which has opened the flood gates for technologically smart convergent media companies. If leveraged properly, the transformation can lead to a giant of an industry in the making, like a Facebook or otherwise.


Element Technologies has a dedicated and focused Convergent Media practice to help companies execute digitalization strategy effectively. With media and advertising DNA at the core, our domain technology competencies bring on board the ability to help companies embrace disruptive technologies seamlessly.


Our service competencies span from web services application engineering to integration to generating real-time prescriptive /cognitive analytics. We will help you leverage social media platforms to enable you make informed business decisions. Our technology consulting services integrate with leading social media platforms across key business processes to enhance the performance of your web services applications and mitigate applications/system cybersecurity risks.


Business Value


  • Domain expertise
  • Excellent open source technology expertise
  • Big data Integration capability
  • Risk and security


Our Service Offerings:


  • IT consulting services – Open source technologies
  • Risk and Security
  • Business Analytics
  • Application performance engineering
  • Managed services



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