Accelerate IoT-driven product lifecycle
The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is juggernauting. Many industry verticals such as Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare and the Energy sectors are gravitating towards the IoT phenomenon to be digitally connected. IoT’s true value lies in its disruptive potential for re-engineering business processes and ultimately rewiring the enterprise. To realize this potential, enterprises need to convert their IoT application focus from “sensing” into ‘doing” to gain a greater competitive advantage.
Forward-looking enterprises are focusing less on sensors, device management and smart gadgets/apps and more on real-time data management and IoT analytics. By leveraging IoT infrastructure and by creating new business models, enterprises are aiming to harness the power of IoT across their environment.
Element empowers organizations by enabling them take the IoT advantage and adopt a more innovative “Connected approach”. With Element’s “Connected approach” your IoT applications will have a platform that is industry ready, diversely connected, high in asset utility and with improved security and robustness.
We provide IoT consulting solutions that drive greater business value and work amid a connected environment. Element has successfully built connected products & solutions and is driving forward the IoT paradigm towards a newer tomorrow. Our rapid prototyping option leveraging our ELabs coupled with our frameworks and platforms capability, we can help you assess the way IoT will change your business in a grand scale. Further, we deploy our Risk and Security expertise to take care of the cyber implications for your IoT initiatives to connect critical infrastructure that previously remained disparate. Working with Element, enterprises benefit from a holistic approach of implementing IoT services which include advisory, technology consulting, implementation and managed services.
Our IoT Service Offerings:

  • Technology Consulting: T&M consulting services
  • Implementation services: AWS IoT and Microsoft Azure IoT platforms
  • Managed services: IoT Analytics-Real time, in-memory SAS VA implementation for Big Data
  • Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, Build, Test and Go–live approach


Business Value

  • Platform/Product agnostic
  • Ideation & Prototyping Capability
  • Cognitive Analytics
  • Managed services
  • Alliances and Partnerships



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