Product Re-engineering

With technology itself in a dynamic state, enterprises are playing catch-up in upgrading their existing products and systems to be in-line with current trends.


Element’s re-engineering services are focused on transforming an organization’s existing product or system to populate it with the evolving features and functionalities. Without disturbing the core features of the product, we make use of incumbent technologies from a performance, ease of use and stability standpoint.


Business Value

  • Achieve enhanced product line-up to meet changing customer requirements
  • Capability to expand product portfolio to a global customer base
  • Achieve improved customer centricity and satisfaction

Client Challenges:

  • Improve profit margins while sustaining surging price points
  • Assessing and understanding dynamic customer behavior
  • Exercising continuous innovation to bring out newer products
  • Serving to a global customer base that involves customization of products and solutions
  • Improve time-to-market on products

With Element, you can:

  • Scale-up research and innovation on traditional products
  • Achieve improved product sustainability and support
  • Perform testing and quality analysis on traditional products
  • Adopt to latest technologies and platforms to churn out novel, result assured outcomes



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