SAS Center of Excellence

Element’s purpose of establishing a SAS “Center of Excellence” is to create an innovation hub that would generate new ideas and incubate new business technology trends. We build proof-of-concept models and invest continuously on its development to use it as a metric for our CoE endeavors. Our SAS CoE spreads across different business functions and builds best practices for SAS Implementation, migration and managed services.


Historically, from a business intelligence and analytics standpoint, most enterprises leverage their SAS investments to drive value. However, to drive value, enterprises need to make better decisions; but merely implementing analytics and technology will not serve the purpose. What enterprises really need is a comprehensive view of their business combined with advanced technology and analytical capabilities.


To provide organizations with an overall view of their business work flow, Element’s SAS Center of Excellence (CoE) leverages superior SAS analytical and technological capabilities coupled with a strategic roadmap enablement. At Element, our SAS CoE services leverage best practices, uncover insights, establish roles and responsibilities, and drive processes that are outcome-oriented to achieve business value.


Our domain experienced technology experts will enable your business to build a solid foundation that helps you evaluate and monitor performance and take informed decisions. Element’s SAS CoE works in perfect harmony with your organizational resources to help you achieve your strategic objective and realize full value for your SAS investments.


Element’s SAS CoE leverages Enterprise Business Analytics Program that encompass Information Architecture technologies, matured internal processes and manage organizational data assets to ensure data quality.


Our Value addition:


Data Management –

We offer a complete overview of an organization’s data assets to help users gain easy access to high-quality data in a consistent manner.


Element’s data management capability consists of IT and business collaboration aspects and is modularized for rapid results that ensure consistent data quality and data governance. We understand that managing big data is no longer enough – One has to unleash its potential. At Element, we are ready to help you transform big data into big opportunity. Our approach ensures organizations to drive faster decisions and improve customer loyalty.


Element’s data integration capability enable organizations to break down data silos and address current data problems while providing a roadmap for the future. Our SAS CoE leverages data management & data integration capabilities that boost productivity, workload sharing with business users and ultimately brings to you furnished data that is ready for processing and consumption.


Information Delivery –

Element enables enterprises to understand different ways to leverage Business Intelligence and Analytics. This provides them with the ability to deliver the right information to the right user across the enterprise in real-time.


We help enterprises to optimize business analytics and intelligence into their internal processes. Enterprises can gain insights and will be able to anticipate and assess potential developments and trends that can benefit their organization in the long run.




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