Augmented Reality Solutions

Augmented reality (AR) has been exciting all the way since its inception. The massive potential it brings to the technology industry is second to none, and considering recent forecasts, AR could well become the biggest technology disruption since the smartphone. The recent advancements in the AR space are compelling IT and industry leaders to employ such game-changing technologies to enhance customer experience, cultivate brand loyalty and enjoy greater ROI.


The retail landscape is flooded with new products, and is undergoing tedious methods of making massive display and layout changes without being able to visualize them beforehand. With an Augmented Reality retail display, sales team can demonstrate the display designs with ease and share multiple views at one time, as against making big changes.

With the demand for new customer experiences on the rise, physical retail outlets are trying innovative ways to deliver the best customer experience and convert physical customer try-outs into potential sales. AR integrated to retail could well be the perfect marriage to give customers more reasons to visit store and realize enhanced customer experience, and there’s never been a better time.

AR provides a new dimension to catalog and online retailers, making print shoppable and enabling interactive online features providing an effective visualization of products and a seamless path to purchase.

At Element, we leverage Textronics AR based solutions to empower retailers to attract, engage and retain customers.




TryON is an AR based virtual dressing room that provides your customers with compelling merchandising display with great visual experience. Customers have the advantage of trying maximum number of apparels in quick time without physically wearing it. TryON’s user interface is embedded with the capability to capture human gestures and function as gestured.


Tailor-i, an interactive visual display platform that provides customers with intuitive bespoke clothing options. As the name suggests, it offers a customized way to choose style, fabric, measurement according to the customer’s requirement all displayed and experienced at the touch of finger tips.


Above are some of the many ways that augmented reality can impact the retail sector by blending the convenience of technology with the physical retail experience.


Business Value


  • Interactive Visual Merchandising
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement
  • Create Customer Delight
  • Better Store Management
  • Increased Sales
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Increase Customer Loyalty


Our analytics solution enables retailers to:


  • Optimize inventory levels, reduce stock shortages
  • Lower inventory costs by analyzing item movement
  • Track inventory throughout the order and delivery process
  • Forecast new product launches
  • Model & Forecast calendar/event definitions
  • High-performance batch forecasting & large-scale automated forecasting



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