Risk and Security

The dynamism of the cyber security landscape has left organizations, small, medium and large grapple with an ever-expanding threat posture. While external threats are attended at top priority, most organizations may be oblivious of an insidious breach. An internal threat could potentially pose more danger and may prove detrimental to an organization’s reputation if not prioritized or attended at immediacy.


Often, organizational infrastructure and assets are monitored by disparate security solutions which may not associate with business risks. This results in latency in the frequency of security alerts making their actions insignificant to impact on business. At Element, our Greenlight Security Risk Analytics solution leverages your current organizational hardware assets and data form various sources, and integrates it with your existing security information systems. With an integrated view of the overall cyber posture, organizations can leverage real-time actionable insights on internal threats and respond to incidents instantaneously.


Our risk analytics approach offers enhanced risk visibility and tracks incidents all from a single source and facilitates organizations to perform real-time continuous assessment and detection. By correlating risk alerts to business risks, our solutions deliver you with a comprehensive view of your cyber posture and enables you to effectively address anomalies and threats.


Governing and Monitoring Financial Risks


Element partners with Greenlight to provide organizations the ability to oversee financial risks that may impact their business. We offer a continuous monitoring program approach that ensure organizations’ internal financial activities and business functions are controlled and at good health. Our approach helps organizations to detect, prevent and predict internal risks based on continuous feedback and monitoring initiatives. Organizations will get insights on user access, follow user activities and parallelly monitor policies and rules beyond just user supervision.


This will allow organizations to measure potential risks across internal users and business processes, and provides stakeholders with the visibility into their business and act accordingly to prioritize activities based on issues affecting the business.


Business Value


  • Improved internal supervision of compliance across the organization
  • Reduced risks in areas such a fraud, suspicious transactions and payment
  • Automate legacy/traditional applications
  • Measure financial risk vulnerability affecting the overall enterprise
  • Focus on priority/high risk areas to have better control over suspicious incidents



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