Benefits Of Clinical Data Management Systems

The Three Benefits Of Clinical Data Management Systems In The Clinical Study Process

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Clinical Data Management in clinical research is the process of gathering, documenting, and storing data essential for clinical trials or procedures and biotechnology businesses and pharmaceutical manufacturers (CDM). A clinical data management tool is used to handle trial data in clinical research. Data gathering, integrating, and administering subject data following regulatory criteria is known as data management. Clinical data management in clinical research is a critical phase in clinical research that leads to collecting high-quality, reliable data. Statistically, comprehensive data to shorten the time it takes for a medicine to reach the market. Paper or electronic data collection formats are used to collect clinical data. CDM activities are carried out by pharmaceutical firms, contract research organizations, and IT firms. Data is gathered from various sources and kept in a clinical data repository in a patient-centric manner.

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THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT Clinical Data Management in Clinical Research ADVANTAGES

Provides a unified, structured, and secured data store.

The entire data entry and transmission procedure and any data inaccuracies must be managed and audited for a successful clinical trial. This approach is simple with a few isolated PC-based systems, but hundreds of such systems are currently being tested in clinical trials. Any changes, such as adding an extra column to a form or adding a variable to an analysis, would necessitate the replacement of hundreds of separate systems.

One may oversee and orchestrate the data management and analysis process using enterprise-wide, centralized CDM platforms, which reduces costs while increasing process efficiency, submission quality, and conformance. The following are some more advantages:

Established Local and International Norms Adherence

  • A single source of truth system has been developed for statistical analysis and reporting key performance indicators.


  • Packets for submitting high-quality research
  • Lower IT and business operations costs
  • Automated data gathering that eliminates user prejudice and other variables that could skew results

Compliance is established.

Standards management is critical for pharmaceutical firms and contract research organizations (CROs). These firms must adhere to the standards and guidelines set forth by organisations such as the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium for all clinical and non-clinical research (CDISC). In addition, because of the growing number of clinical trials, regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have mandated that research submissions adhere to the highest quality standards and tighten rules. As a result, a Clinical Data Management in clinical research is required to ensure that the data presented is up to date.

It is now critical to address all of these regulatory and compliance demands, together with the audit trail of statistics storage, user accesses, data exchanges, and data security, to avoid any corrective and preventive action. Clinical data management solutions can manage and orchestrate this data and analysis process. CDMS, for example, includes CDISC-compliant templates to make creating and exporting electronic case report forms easier (eCRFs). 

Since the CDMS requires a verified environment, clinical data must meet all regulatory compliance. In addition, any CDMS design must meet the regulatory requirements for electronic records and security requirements for a closed system, as defined by the FDA. The Clinical Data Management in Clinical Research should address the following key compliance requirements:

  • Control of electronic records: the system must accurately and completely reproduce electronic documents and provide a comprehensive audit trail of dates and metadata.
  • Proper step or transaction sequencing: the object life cycle, data access, and system functioning should all be controlled by a defined security hierarchy.
  • Procedural controls: the system should make revisions and track which made them. When the transaction/operation takes place, the system must also allow for electronic signatures.

Improves the speed with which clinical trials, submissions, and medication licensing are handled. 

Once regulatory authorities receive the proposal, the quality and integrity of clinical studies determine the time it takes for a medicine to get from development to launch and marketing. In addition, regulatory authorities must collect complete, high-quality clinical submissions that meet the various standards to streamline and speed up the review process. Finally, the adoption of Clinical Data Management in clinical research allows for a speedier, more seamless procedure, reducing the expenses of protracted drug development while shortening the time to market.

Clinical Data Management in Clinical Research Made Easy with Element Technologies CDMS Solutions

Element Technologies’s extensive experience in scientific and medical fields enables it to streamline clinical investigations, decrease pain spots, and boost overall efficiency. Our services are efficient, cost-effective, and adaptable to changing market conditions. 

Element Technologies CDMS has several advantages.

  • Multiple clinical trials can be managed in real-time using Element Technologies CDMS. 
  • CROs and sponsors can manage their research more efficiently and get real-time data on. 
  • Recruiting across sites – objectives vs. actuals
  • Reporting on SAE / AE
  • Budgeting, expenses, and invoicing are all aspects of the business that need to be addressed.
  • Site monitoring and scheduling in real-time 
  • IP inventory management that is both efficient and effective 
  • The progress of the clinical trial
  • Operational efficiency has been improved.
  • Efficiency gains

CDMS Advantages- Our Strengths are Adaptability and Robustness 

We provide a reliable CDMS solution that scales to the size and scope of your project. Element Technologies CDMS delivers all you need to make the most of your clinical trial processes and speed outcomes, whether you’re working on a single study or a portfolio.

Element Technologies CDMS incorporates the following features:

  • Reporting and Dashboards

All action items are listed on one page in comprehensive dashboards and reports. This tool allows you to look at inventory reports, financial and costing information, budget reports, pending payments, and invoices.

  • Accounting & Budgeting

Our clients can use this function to set project budgets, track invoices and expenses, handle payments, and integrate with third-party accounting software.

  • Monitoring the Location 

You may look at the activity calendar and keep track of data like recruiting, safety features, CRF reviews, and protocol deviations.

  • Recruitment as a topic 

This tool allows you to compare actual and desired numbers. Metrics like filtered, randomised, excluded, dropped, and EDC integrations are used to generate reports.

  • Designing a Project

Our CDMS reporting feature is quite important. Set and examine project milestones, assign CRA to sites, establish timetables and plans, and track them with this tool.

  • Controlling IP Inventory

Stock updates, medicine expiry reports, inventory receipts, and batch management are all available through this function. 

  • System for Document Control (DMS)

This CDMS functionality allows users to upload, distribute, and provide access to documents and folders.

Why should you use CDMS in your clinical research?

The following are some of the ways we can help you manage your clinical study effectively:

  • Real-time clinical research management is possible with our project management solutions.
  • Project managers can look over and update reports in real-time using our technology.
  • Our inventory management system keeps track of stock from when it is issued until it is delivered. It keeps track of inventory and sends out real-time replenishment alerts.
  • Our robust financial management tool aids in the tracking of deadlines, spending, payments, and budgeting.
  • A high level of operational efficiency is obtained as a result of regular financial and inventory monitoring. The key advantage of our CDMS is optimized project management procedures, which will help your company save money.

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