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Role of SAS in Clinical Trial Data Reporting

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SAS, or Statistical Analysis System, has long been the industry standard for clinical trials and data management of large volumes of data. It’s a highly adaptable platform that gives users various tools for manipulating, analyzing, processing, and reporting on data.


Why Not Just Use Spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets? | clinical trials and data management


The difference is twofold: SAS lets you use vast amounts of data compared to Excel. Imagine Honda tracking the inventory for every vehicle produced and sold worldwide – plus data on which part is included in which model at any given location. That would be impractical, if not impossible! SAS provides the infrastructure required to keep such massive amounts of data in a usable and manageable format.


Secondly, SAS allows programmers to manipulate and analyze data in ways that Excel can only dream about. Remember that Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are spreadsheets. Spreadsheet programs are designed to help accountants, mathematicians, and other “small data” users manage data and information that would otherwise be done by hand.


The trade-off is that spreadsheet programs are much easier to learn and use than complex data management platforms like SAS. If Excel is a handy wheelbarrow for landscaping your yard, SAS is the fleet of dump trucks and bulldozers that help build entire cities! Becoming skilled in the most recent SAS platform requires extensive training and certification. 


How SAS Supports Clinical Research Analytics | clinical trials and data management


As the market leader, SAS provides a secure analytics foundation and scalable framework for clinical analysis and submission in clinical research analytics. The powerful analytic tools and techniques, including machine learning and AI, help you gain a competitive edge in clinical research analytics, from getting trials up and running to modernizing trial designs and bringing life-changing therapies to market faster and more efficiently. SAS also offers the industry’s leading data transparency platform, letting you securely share historical trial data with third-party researchers for the advancement of medicine.


Functions of SAS in Clinical Trials and Data Management

The core functions of SAS in clinical trial data management are:

  • Protocol Design and Study Start-Up
  • Patient and Investigator Recruitment
  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Clinical Supplies
  • Regulatory and Safety compliance
  • Regulatory submissions


SAS plays an important role, from defining the clinical study to regulatory submission. Also, it is compatible with clinical trial management systems (CTMS). Data extraction is the first step in the data integration process (Data Importing). Once the data is imported into the SAS environment, it is filtered and cleaned. Once the data is clean (error-free), SAS tables are generated for analysis. Data generated in the SAS environment is used to compile the clinical study report. SAS is also involved in protocol development, randomization, IVRS/IWRS procedures, CRF design, adverse event reporting, etc.


Why Choose SAS for clinical trials and data management?


Gain insights faster | clinical trials and data management

A clinical SAS programming service will allow your team to focus on insights and results. A wealth of technologies provides visualization, scalability, and submission-grade statistics for understanding clinical trial results faster and detecting potential issues sooner.


Mitigate risk | clinical trials and data management

You can reduce risk by utilizing a centralized repository that satisfies all security requirements through auditable actions, traceability, and repeatability. Using built-in CDISC standards, you can deliver data to regulators. Also, you can reduce downtime with all-in-one hosted solutions and offer technical support to all your global teams and collaborators.


Increase efficiency | clinical trials and data management

You can improve performance by implementing mature, standards-based processes. Also, you can simplify data and analytics building blocks for maximum reuse.


Why Element Technologies?


Element Technologies provide scalable statistical support in understanding the clinical process. Our cutting-edge solutions are developed by talented SAS programmers committed to biopharmaceutical development initiatives. We are aware of how sensitive and private clinical data is. Element Technologies abides by stringent information security guidelines, which include access authorization and control, confidentiality protection, and other security measures.


Work with Element Technologies Inc. to develop an effective clinical SAS programming service. Do you have a query? Please reach us at We’d be happy to talk about potential opportunities.



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