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10 Different Types of Consulting Services for Businesses

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The business consulting services industry is a widespread sector with many different markets. Because of the diversity within the industry, the jobs available are diverse and cover a wide scope.


As a business owner, there are so many reasons why you should hire a startup business consultant. During the working day, a consultant can perform a range of critical tasks to help businesses with their management, organisational, and financial needs.


This is especially important for those just getting started in the industry, as it allows them to gain trusted and experienced advice on how to grow their current small business into something worth investing in.


As the consulting industry is now so diverse, finding a consulting business to help and promote your business goals can be a daunting and uncertain experience.  When looking for a new business, knowing which business plan consulting to hire is important in order to make an informed decision.


This article will go over 10 different types of business consulting firms and the roles they play within them.


Human Resource Consultant


HR consultants are found within businesses as a person or group of people responsible for answering any human capital questions from clients or colleagues. Their job requires them to create order and promote better organization and performance levels.


The following are the main tasks that an HR consultant will complete on a daily basis:


  • Terms of employment
  • Organizational charges
  • Financial charges
  • Retirement
  • Talent management
  • Learning and development


As an HR consultant, it is important to ensure that each client and colleague is fully equipped and understands every detail of their job role. Also, HR consultants can help a company transform its business and how all employees work.


Management Consultant


A management consultant is also known as a business or organizational advisor in the workplace. A management consultant’s sole responsibility is to focus on all areas concerning company organization, implemented strategies, and various other management-related matters. Management consultants provide solutions and help with the workflow in the following areas:


  • HR
  • Supply chain management
  • Creating business strategies
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Finance control
  • E-business


IT Consultant

A technology consultant is also known as an IT, ICT, or digital consultant. Their job is to make sure that businesses have proper information and technology development and application in the workplace.


Most IT consultants work on project implementation, system applications, project management, system integration, and process management. An IT consultant is indeed a part of the fastest-growing sector, with more businesses relying heavily on digital technology to run and streamline their day-to-day operations. Thus, those interested in IT forensics, digital and data analytics, and cyber security will most likely get a job as an IT consultant.


Operations Consultant


An operations consultant helps a business in its daily operations. The duties of an operations consultant may differ, but they will include the following:


  • Advisory services
  • Hands-on implementation support
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Supply chain
  • Sales, marketing, and production
  • Procurement
  • Outsourcing / strategic sourcing


In this industry, operations consultants are actually the largest group of advisors, with the majority focusing on different underlying operational tasks that help a company run smoothly at all times.


Financial Advisory Consultant


A financial advisory consultant will take on any task that falls within the financial and analytical capabilities of a business.


Since the financial sector is so broad, those who fall under this umbrella can label themselves and cover aspects of anything from the following:


  • Tax consultant
  • Financial risk manager
  • Corporate finance advisor
  • Restructuring consultant


Strategy Consultant


Surprisingly, this form of consultancy is recognized as the highest level of consultancy available. Strategy consultants help companies cover all aspects, from organisational strategies to government and economic policies and functional strategies.


Because the jobs that a strategy consultant will have are likely to be business priorities, the tasks will be assigned by those who are superior in the business, such as directors or senior managerial positions.


While an outsider may think of a strategy consultant as just another typical advisor, this is not the case. Instead of helping the client to progress or helping them use various IT and technologies, this consultancy focuses on quantitative skills and analytics, providing advice rather than overseeing how the business implements such strategies.


Risk and Compliance Consultant

When running a business, strict rules and guidelines must be followed, including regulations, company standards, business place laws, and ethical practices.


Businesses will be less likely to commit industry violations such as fraud, discrimination, and even corporate exploitation if they are compliant and enforce industry rules and regulations. A risk and compliance consultant helps develop a compliance policy that will keep a company from facing any potential brand diminishing issues. Their role is to protect the company from any potential risks.


Environmental Consultant


Due to changes in property and building regulations, businesses are no longer free to extend, reshape, and build as they wish. A business must have documentation that shows accurate predictions of how the building project will affect the surrounding environment, as well as evidence that they are actively seeking new ways to achieve their end goal. Their ultimate goal is to reduce any environmental issues that may arise.


Before any work starts, a company must hire an environmental consultant to assess the plans and analyze the potential environmental factors of said proposed plans. The findings will then be compiled by the consultant and submitted to the government.


The environmental consultant will focus on questions like:


  • How can we change the plan to decrease the negative impacts on the environment?
  • How will this activity affect the environment?
  • Does the activity comply with the regulations released by the local and state governments?


Plans will be put in motion if the consultant can confidently answer these questions. However, they cannot do so unless a consultant confirms planning permission from the government.


Software Consulting


If a business needs to buy expensive or complex computer software, it must find the right one that will not only comply with the fundamentals of their day-to-day operations but will also work to make the workplace more efficient and optimized.


A software consultant is another type of business consulting service. By offering a platform that makes their jobs easier, they work alongside those who already help with business management and organization. For example:


  • Content management systems
  • Human resource management
  • Supply chain management
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Customer relationship management


Legal Consultant


A legal consultant’s role is to help a client or business with any legal issues that may arise, from preventing them from occurring to identifying the problem and providing proper advice to reduce it with the least possible repercussions. The advisor can choose from many different avenues within this type of consulting. For example:


  • Banking
  • Corporate business, banking
  • Tax
  • Real estate
  • Company contracts
  • Informational technology


Final Words


As a business, it is important to make sure that all aspects of the day and background operations run as smoothly as possible. This is best accomplished by having a team of high-quality consultants to address any needs and desires that a company may have.


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