Life at Element

Life at Element

At Element Technologies, we are committed to creating a workspace that boosts innovation, collaboration, and the well-being of our team. With over 20 years of industry experience and a rich history rooted in New Jersey, discover what makes life at Element truly unique. Join us on this journey of exploration and growth.

Our Core Values


We constantly evolve and adopt the latest technologies to solve our clients’ most complex problems.


We build trust with transparent and honest communication and actions.

Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate and embrace the richness of our diverse team, with an M/WBE certification.

Employee Well-being

We ensure our team members feel supported and valued by providing a healthy work-life balance

A Day in the Life

Brainstorming Sessions

Coffee Breaks

Team-building Activities

Come and experience life at Element where every day is a blend of productivity, creativity, and fun. From morning brainstorming sessions to afternoon team-building activities, see how our team thrives in an exciting and dynamic work environment.

Learning and Growth

Continuous Training

We offer continuous training and development opportunities to our team members so that they can stay ahead in the constantly evolving tech industry.

Tech Conferences

Opportunities to attend popular tech conferences and events, to learn and grow together as a team.

Mentorship Programs

Our mentorship programs help employees learn from experienced professionals in the industry and grow their careers.

Work-Life Balance

1. In-House Training

We provide in-house training facilities and access to a well-stocked library for employee upskilling.

2. Regular Team Outings

We organize regular team outings and retreats to ensure our team members have a healthy work-life balance and build strong bonds with each other.

3. Balanced Professional Growth​

We offer a supportive work environment where our team members can pursue their professional development goals without overworking.

4. Relaxing Breaks

We encourage our team members to take relaxing breaks during work hours to help rejuvenate and stay refreshed.

5. Inclusive Cultural Celebrations

We organize inclusive cultural celebrations to showcase and celebrate the diversity of our team and encourage cross cultural learning.

6. Employee Appreciation

We show our team members they are valued and appreciated in a variety of ways, such as public notes, thank you notes, opportunities to lead.

Our Community


  • We provide technology solutions that positively impact the lives of people on a global scale.
  • We support nonprofit organizations around the globe and actively participate in charitable events.


  • Element Technologies is a proud Silver Partner of global leader SAS.
  • We have established partnerships with various tech startups and accelerators to bring innovative solutions to our clients.


  • We have established various mentorship and learning programs with schools, colleges, and universities.
  • We support diversity and inclusion initiatives to promote a more inclusive tech industry.

Join the Element Family

If our values and culture align with yours, we would love to have you join our ever-growing Element family. We welcome all brilliant minds who are passionate about technology, innovation, and making a positive change in the world. Visit our career page to explore opportunities to join our team.