Immersive Solutions: Transforming Industries and Experiences

Element Technologies, founded in 2001 and headquartered in New Jersey is a technology solutions and service provider. We at Element, through our capability in managing large clients and providing them with solutions and services, have been growing over the years. We have always invested in new age technology, and have teams to support your work on immersive technology, which has become an integral part of the gaming industry. While on this journey, we are working along with few companies in verticals including EdTech, medical, manufacturing (auto & auto ancillaries) etc. to utilize the power of immersive to reach their customers and showcase the products.

Destination Marketing

Element is advancing destination marketing with its AR/VR tech. By delivering immersive experiences that go beyond location, we enhance reach and efficiency while reducing costs. Step into the future of travel marketing with Element.

Car Configurator

Element’s Car Configurator upgrades auto retail using AR/VR tech. We provide immersive custom experiences, reducing traditional showroom expenses. Boost sales and cut costs with our virtual showroom, changing how cars are sold.

Furniture Configurator

Boost your furniture sales with Element’s Furniture Configurator. Using AR/VR tech, we let customers see their selected furniture in their own space. This enhanced view drives pre-sales and increases overall sales. Step into the next phase of furniture retail with Element’s practical solution.

Edutainment –
Chemistry Lab

Element’s Edutainment tools upgrade learning with AR/VR tech. We build a 3D virtual world that improves understanding, encourages hands-on learning, and boosts memory. This approach drives revenue growth for edutainment companies, making learning both engaging and profitable

Immersive Web Walkthrough

Discover a fresh approach to digital presence with Element’s Web-based Walkthrough. Using AR/VR tech, we bring your facilities to life online, boosting visibility for your clients. Grow your online footprint, refine marketing tactics, and strengthen your digital stance with our immersive tools.

Fire safety inspection

Improve Safety Inspections with Element’s Immersive Solution. As cities grow and skyscrapers rise, accurate engineering and streamlined safety checks become crucial. Our tech simplifies inspections and speeds up processes. Efficient documentation submission saves time and money. Boost fire-safety training and standards with Element.

Immersive Gaming

The gaming world is evolving fast, and AR/VR is at the forefront. Element is helping create immersive games that players love. Boost your gaming lineup with our expertise. Team up with Element.