Pavi Sah / Founder & President

Pavi Sah has more than 18 years of experience in management and business solutions. Ms. Sah has held various central roles in the company… Read More

Shirish Sharma / CEO

Mr. Sharma has more than two decades of experience in business consulting and building technology solutions in pharmaceuticals… Read More

Shirish Karnik / Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Shirish Karnik leads Element’s sales and business strategy including technology partnerships, alliances, vendor… Read More

Vijay Murty / Vice President, Client Services

Vijay Murty has worked with many large corporations to develop global outsourcing strategies, and has more than fifteen years of experience in building collaborative…Read More

Shashikanth / Director Sales,  India

As Director Sales, India, Shashikanth is responsible for managing managing sales, driving partnership…Read More