Customer and Product Profitability Dashboard

Banks are for-profit service businesses, and even if they are providing certain products or serving certain markets as a corporate social responsibility obligation, they should be aware of the costs of doing this. The depth of the profitability measures may vary, however, depending on the reasons for measuring profitability. The reasons for measuring the profitability of a customer relationship are typically to be able to segment customers so that more profitable relationships are given more attention, usually a better level of service.


Business Value

  • Work with a team of experts including SAS VA programmers, subject matter experts and IT specialists
  • Increased productivity
  • Accelerated delivery
  • Flexible and Scalable dashboards


With Element, you can identify, analyze and understand :


  • Profitability of customers across product lines, products, geographic regions and customer income segments
  • Distribution and profitability of products across segments, geographic regions and key metrics, viz. loan funded amount, balance, revolving line, utilization, etc..
  • Bank branch performance across customer and product segments


  • Customer & Product Profitability Dashboard


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